Group Chief Financial Officer

I live and work in Dalian where I have worked in finance for most of my career. I have seen huge growth in China in recent years, and the many opportunities that this has created.  Now one of the challenges is food and food quality. Working with the Chinese team, we have developed and implemented a strategy for our major investor, HeSheng Holdings, to capture premium Chinese meat markets, supplied from our operations in Australia.  This is an exciting time, as we are working with several partners locally, and bringing together a supply chain spanning over 8,000km to grow and supply products.

I work closely with the Australian operations team and the corporate team to develop and implement our strategy and to ensure we have the finances needed to growth our business.  Being so familiar with Chinese accounting and finance, I can bring new ideas and partners to help the business grow, and help all the parties to understand how to work together.  Working across the two countries is very different, but we share a common objective to provide high quality, reliable foods to our customers.



General Manager, Sales and Marketing

With more than 30 years’ experience in the agricultural sector, specialising in livestock production, I have developed a broad knowledgebase in sheep and wool production, cattle production, broad acre farming, feedlot design, construction and management.

This has been complemented with six years’ developing and managing breeding, dairy and slaughter cattle exports from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA.

As a founder of the business, I relish the challenge and satisfaction of achieving something which many would consider impossible.  It’s great to be part of team whose effort, energy and focus will achieve our vision, together!  Having seen the potential of what a corporate environment can achieve, I believe I am fortunate enough to have a role that I truly love and to be assisting our operations to make a difference.



Manager, Commercial Livestock Sales

BSc (Hons) Animal Science

I have spent the last 20 years working extensively in Australian and international livestock and agriculture-related industries, including commercial fishing; crocodile farming; poultry meat and egg production; beef, sheep and wool production; broad acre cropping; dairying and livestock transport; and import and export businesses.

I am equally at home working with the livestock and our teams out on the properties, and meeting current and potential customers in Australia and overseas. With the exciting opportunities for our industry evident in so many places, I am pleased to be part of a team that has both the practical and strategic skills to make things happen.



Manager, Operations Planning and Analysis

Diploma, Farm Business Management, GradCert Project Management

Originally from New Zealand, my family moved to Australia 40 years ago, where I eventually pursued a career in agriculture, progressing from the hands-on management of properties to senior roles in Corporate Agriculture. I have experience from managing individual farming entities to significant scale through some of the largest broadacre farm operators in northern NSW and an integrated Primary Production supply chain group in WA, eventually spending five years in leadership roles in the listed public company, AACo

I have come to Harmony so I can bring my experience to helping build the company’s vision to convert Australian agricultural capacity to protein and food sources, and to take these food sources to the global markets.  With my strengths in strategic thinking and planning, I can contribute to a growing business and its role within the broader industry.



Manager Finance, China


My career has been in accounting and finance, working in China with international businesses, in life sciences, commercial real estate and electronics.  This experience is invaluable in Harmony as I can work with the Australian team and the Chinese team in meeting the diverse requirements needed for different reporting requirements.  I enjoy the chance to work with such a variety of people and businesses, and I know I play an important role in bring all this information together.

I live in Dalian and have spent time in Australia and elsewhere to help integrate Harmony – livestock and food is a new business, but such an important one for us all.  It’s great to be part of team that is wanting to implement new strategies here in China, linked to amazing Australian properties and livestock.



Manager, Eastern Operations

Having been raised on a sheep and cattle station in the Murchison region of Western Australia my exposure to agriculture started at a very young age. I have had the opportunity be involved in many aspects of livestock production, from domestic livestock trading to extensive experience on live export cattle & sheep shipments to the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

These experiences have instilled a strong passion for the continual improvement of livestock production on a global scale, with accurate data and attention to detail I hope that the industry and Harmony can make decisions not on what we think but instead on what we know.

The only thing more exciting than what we achieved so far, is what awaits us next.



Manager, Marketing and Sales Planning

BEnvMan(Hons), MBA

My career has spanned a variety of industries including agriculture, renewables, oil and gas with listed companies both here in Australia and internationally. While largely focusing on environment and sustainability my interest has always remained with agriculture and food production, in particular developing global sustainable food supply. Completing an MBA gave me the focus to bring this combined experience together to the challenge of driving innovation across the agri-food value chain.

I am genuinely excited for the extent of opportunities available to the Australian agri-food sector and to Harmony. Creating the agility to meet changing consumer and market demands is challenging; working with Harmony to meet these challenges is something I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to do., and doing this alongside a dynamic, practical and strategic team is a privilege. The knowledge and skillset we have in-house all striving to achieve Harmony’s vision makes for an exciting future.